Brass on hand

I’m just curious how many pieces of brass people buy initially for a hunting rifle, taking into consideration initial load development for a couple of bullets, and range sessions to get ready for season? I understand this number varies, just trying to see what people are doing on average.
usually, if I can afford it I'll buy enough to kill that barrel
Question on sorting your brass and keeping them separate, Do you load them different than the one that are heavier or lighter or do you just see where they are hitting and note them and shoot them accordingly? Just trying to understand your thought process.
So if my 2 grain lot of brass is sufficiently large, say 80 or more which I often get from quality brass, I find I use that brass indefinitely, till something intervenes -- like I ran out the favorite bullet and its no longer available, or I get the itch to try a new powder. The former is more often the case.

If you have to change anything in your recipe, you may as well grab a new bag of brass and start from zero.

If the secret recipe is working, I try and stick with the same old weight lot brass. Since I am not a PRS shooter, just a hunter that works up loads and groups relatively often, I can pull that off.

I've been buying bullets in 500 or 1000 lots more as well. (well not in the last 36 months) But I have a lot of $$ tied up and someone (my wife) will wish to have murdered me if I die suddenly before I can get rid of my stockpile...... There will be bargains if get cancer!
I keep 1000 rounds per caliber reloaded and rotate the fired round each time I hunt or hit the range . I take the rounds from the hunt or range day reload them and place them in the ammo box for that caliber, I have 2 ammo boxes for each caliber one for the thousand rounds and one for each reloaded round when i get to the bottom of the thousand round box I know each round has been fired once , I keep a log on eack can to know how many times they have been reloaded. I'm sill working on my new 6.5 creedmoor boxes till I can get to 1000 as for primers, brass large primers are rare and all the brass i got when I started on the creedmoor was gifted to me from a god fearing lady that i still need her address to send her a 18th birthday gift. I pick up a few 6.5 brass at the range now and then and other shooters that dont reload are happy to give me there brass if there shooting a caliber I use. when I'm at the range I only shoot about 10 rounds of each caliber i carry and finish out my day at the range with my ruger 22 lr. while I talk to the other shooters helping many of the young new shooters with there scopes and the range rules of being safe. If the SHTF and we cant get brass or reloading stuff like primers,powder or brass I'm covered for a few years at my age it mabe in my life time. AMEN.
I have set up a log too.