brake on 300 wsm


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Nov 23, 2004
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of yall would suggestme putiing a brake on my 300 wsm and if so wich one? Just to let you now what I have it is a savage 12 bvss.
I have fitted several Holland QD brakes to my customers 300 WSM rifles and they have always been happy with the results.

On your heavier rifle the resutls will not be as dramatica as they would be on a light rifle but the recoil will certainly be cut by a noticable amount.

I use only Holland QDs as they are the best all around hunting and shooting brake I have tested yet as well as being a good looking brake.

GOod Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Have worked up loads on several 300 WSM rifles for friends. On one Win 70, we installed a Vais muzzle brake with great success. Noise was not raised too bad, and recoil dropped to 308 level. Very impressive and really helped my recoil sensitive friend.
I would only put a brake on it if you want to enjoy shooting it

I put an Ops Inc on my 300 WM and I love it. Additional noise is really only noticeable when I'm shooting at our range under the covered shooting area. In the field there's not much if any difference. Just don't be standing to the side of it when someone else is shooting it.

By the way, it now feels like I'm shooting my .308.

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