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    May 19, 2008
    Just returned from range with my 284WIN with a perplexing issue, not a problem,more of a WTH!
    Just for the record this is a Barnard P action, trueflite barrel,Russo Stock and Nightforce 5.5-22 NSX Zero stop, SO ITS NOT THE GUN OK!!
    This rifle has been shooting very very well it lauches a 162 AMax @ 3080 FPS with single digt ES.
    I replaced my 25MOA rail with a Zero MOA rail simply to get a better cheek weld, it was a tad high,
    So went to range @ 200 yrds and "zeroed" it,I checked my drop chart for 300 yrds , 2 MOA up from 200 - 300 yrds, moved back to 300 yrds,fired.. CENTRE.
    So from a 100 yrd ZERO my come up to 300 yrds is 3.2 MOA soo i loosened off the turret screws moved turret to 3 1/4 retighted screws wound turret back to ZERO(100 yrds), then set zero stop.

    I then checked my drop chart for 500 yrds 8 MOA UP from 100 yrd Zero. Moved back fired three shots both inside a 3" fluro orange target , I would call that verified??? I wound the turret back to the zero stop more than happy with my efforts.

    The day wasnt over, my friend with me wanted to chrony his Edge so while it was out I thought what the hell Ill do my 284.

    Now this was done at a 100 yrd bench, I held centre of target and it went exactly a MOA LOW, fired again Same and again Same. HMMMMM.

    This is the best I can explain it, in theroy it should be exactly on at 100 but it anit ITS LOW but at longer ranges its on the money.

    I know its 100 yrds and in reality it really doesnt matter but its just messing with me head.... WHY IS IT LOW????

    My only thought is something to do with line of sight?

    Ideas, thoughts welcome

    regards 300WSMMAD
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    Jan 8, 2011
    I may be missing something but I'm pretty sure you said you zeroed it a 200 then went up 2moa for 300 giving you 3.25moa total, but since you changed your scope height you completely altered your POI so you should have done your initial sight in at 100 since your scope is no longer sitting at an angle!