Boyds Pro Varmint - Ruger American SA


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Nov 27, 2013
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Boyds Pro Varmint
Ruger American - Short Action
+factory magazine
$140 shipped, lower 48.

Had this on a Ruger American Predator in 6mm creedmoor for about 30 rounds. Off a bench. All parts included (stock, action screws, + a Ruger factory magazine).

Ready to go, just remove rifle from old stock and install this one. 5 minute job. Vblocks are bedded to stock (new ones come with the stock, it’s a DIY thing).

Nice upgrade from the factory stock. I decided I wanted to try a chassis and came across the Oryx by MDT. It’s a keeper, so letting this go.

FYI: CDI makes AICS compatible bottom metal for this stock and inletting is included in the price (From CDI, not me). I might go that route if it doest sell and pick up another Ruger American Rifle.
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Any takers @ $130 shipped?

New, unfired brass:

6mm Creedmoor (small rifle primer)
6.5x55, lapua brass

6mm Bullets:
Hornady, 6mm, 08 ELDM
Berger, 6mm, 105g VLD Hunting

6.5mm Bullets:
Hammer, 6.5mm, 124g Hammer Hunters

*cross listed on eBay.
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