Bow derailed… now what?


Oct 10, 2021
Leadville, CO
Well I had an unfortunate experience on my last elk hunt. Full draw with a bull at 25 yards behind a pine and he won’t budge. I go to let down after what felt like minutes and the next thing I know the bow explodes in my hands. Arrow shatters, sends the broadhead flying, full derailment, cams look like they are locked, cable slide disappears. You get the picture.

Luckily my buddy was right there and it gave me the opportunity to sneak over a ledge and call some more and lure him from the tree. Double lunged him and he went 60 yards so the outcome wasn’t all bad.

This is my first season with this bow. PSE EVL 34. Now I’m not saying that it wasn’t my fault, I’m sure I added some torque to the bow while I was attempting to let off, I’ve just never had it happen with any other bow. I contacted PSE and they told me to get with my local shop. Local to me is 2 hours unfortunately. I plan on replacing both cams regardless, replacing the axles, getting a new cable slide, and checking over the limbs. Should I consider new limbs? I have a nice bow press, nice drawing board, all the tools to do all of my own tuning and have been at it for a couple years. This is my first dry fire experience. I’m just wondering what leaving it at a shop will do for me? Like do they have some special way to check over these things that I’m missing? I don’t see any obvious splintering or any real damage at all, just want to be safe. What would you all do if you were in my shoes?
Yeah you are right. I just really enjoy doing this stuff on my own, and honestly don’t trust a lot of shops around here. I guess I’m just disappointed that pse won’t sell me new cams and axles directly as welll.
Bow and rifle manufacturers don't like liability lawsuits so they test their products until lawyers are more satisfied than customers.

Did you contact the manufacturer about a warranty claim?
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So did you actually dry fire it sounds like? If that's case I'd let them fix,Id want new limbs.Then I would check it all out myself, too.I have a bow tech guardian, years back I fell hard.Later hiking I had unstrung bow, I let limbolts out all way and fixed on mountain.Still a backup bow for me. Ive got a buddy that's shot Vegas and he tunes my bow