borden actions

I have a 6.5x47 Lapua built on a Borden Alpine action and I love it, very smooth and accurate.

Did you mean Pacnor?

Borden actions are top notch. Use the Borden. Barrels I would go with a Lilja, Kreiger, or a Brux over a Pacnor.

Kirby Allen one of the top smith here on LRH likes to use the Borden Timberline Magnum receiver on his Edge builds.
I think I sent Kirby the first Timberline action he built on. He told me that all actions even customs need a bit of squaring but the Timberline was perfect. My Edge is built on a Timberline action; and Jim Borden is a super person to deal with. It's pretty cool when you call and a shooting "Hall of Famer" - World record holder answers the phone.
thanks im going with the borden timberline action and a kreiger barrel. The question now is how big a barrel bull barrel .82 at muzzle or smaller, fluting or no fluting trying to keep weight down but want and accurate long distance shooter
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