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Oct 3, 2009
Northeast MS
Hi guys, I have been reloading now for a few years and feel like I have a good understanding of the basics. Now I am ready to take the next step and get into precision reloading. Can anyone recommend any good references for someone aspiring to take his loads to another level? I am looking for something that will explain and instruct things like neck sizing, setting sizing dies to bump shoulders, the use of bushing dies, etc.

Thanks in advance.
I have perhaps a dozen "advanced" loading books, including Glen's. Different strokes for different folks? He's a knowledgable shooter and loader but also a college professsor; that means he loves the sound of his own voice! I had to force myself to comb through all the pages of chatty chaff to sift out the occasional kernel of hard info. And, as it's name suggests, it's directly written for those few of us who shoot competition, mostly large volumes of ammo fired in gas guns. That ain't me. Glad I have it but if I lost it I sure wouldn't pay for it again!

The "Precision Shooting Reloading Guide", edited by Dave Brennan, is much the best of any advance loading book I've ever seen. Well written, straight to the point info organized in eight sections, each written by a recognised expert in that area. It's half the size of Glen's book but has much more helpful info and it's less costly too. Sinclair International sells it, MidwayUSA has had it, maybe still does. If I lose this one, I WILL get another!
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Just another recommendation here, but you might want to check out Sinclair's Precision Reloading & Shooting Handbook, by Fred Sinclair and Bill Gravatt. I have the tenth edition sitting here beside me as I type, and it's an excellent guide to case prep, load development, reloading equipment, etc.. Very much to the point, and very good info for both the hunter and the competitive shooter. Sounds like just what you're after.

It's available thru (surprise) Sinclair International, (219) 493-1858, or

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
Are they not showing it as being still available? If not, I'd exepct to see and updated 11th edition oput before too long, but will have to ask Bill about this. They've had their handbook out and available for years, and they've always been pretty worthwhile tomes to have on the bench.

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
I have both Handloading for Competition, and the PS Reloading Guide. I soaked both up like a sponge(couldn't putem down). I also liked Vaughn's Accuracy Facts.
I would sell them to you at a very fair price..

Haven't read Sinclair's. Missed it ):
Precision Shooting Reloading Guide. In stock MidwayUSA $15.99.
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