Bolt Question


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Dec 26, 2009
Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
I am just getting started with a 338 Lapua Build on a 700. I was planning on having PTG put together a bolt for me then I was David Tubb makes a complete custom 700 bolt Tubb;s is more expensive my a little more than a hundred dollars but that is not really a big deal if its that much better. It is a bigger diameter which will fit tighter and it comes with everything you could want in a 700 bolt. I just want to know if anyone has experience with either the PTG or Tubb's I would like to hear more about Tubbs, than just what they say about it.
I have been puting The PT&G .704 Bolts in my guns. This is after i turn the raceway to .705 I.D. if you wasnt wanting to spend the extra money on opening up for the bigger bolt i would go with the pt&g standard bolt with the mini m16 extractor. This work much better then the sako or remington extractor.
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