SOLD/EXPIRED Boito 20 ga over under


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Jun 24, 2008
Phoenix Arizona
Here is a clean, older, used 20 ga double barrel O/U in a 2-3/4 inch, chamber. Will guess choke full and modified just a guess. The gun metal is nice, wood is nice. This does have some marks on it from use (nothing bad). LOP is 14-1/4 inch to center of the double triggers. Gun made in Boita Brazil, good shooter, clean bores. These guns where sold at K-mart originaly. asking $225
Give me a call if interested (623)570-1306. Thanks for looking Steve.gun)

Yes you can see this same type of gun on Item# 10541950 it sold for $190 plus shipping $25.00 and transfer into FFL $35.00 (this is low)! OH YA it was cracked and heavily modified which means junk! Lets compare apples to apples if your going to compare and please used sold items not asking prices!


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