SOLD/EXPIRED BLEND In To Your Environment. GHILLIE HAT - 7 1/2

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    Mar 8, 2004
    Want a UNWORN, NEW, quality ghillie product to blend in to your environment?...

    This Woodland Ghillie Hat (Item #01) is best for wooded OR heavy brush areas.

    I purposefully created it to cover the head, neck, and shoulders, as well as a good deal of the upper back and chest; as camouflage, it is better and more versatile than an Army-style ghillie hood. Includes attached OD Veil.

    Secure ordering options:
    -PayPal payment at
    - For serious LRH members only, I will
    accept U.S. Postal money order. auction

    For pictures & complete description of this ghillie product (ITEM # 01) go to:

    Please do not hesitate to contact me through Long Range Hunting or e-mail on my website. Thanks.
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