Blaze Orange - dumb questions, please don't laugh


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Aug 18, 2021
Just want to know for this year. Last year went on Colorado archery OTC. I read the regs and didn't see a requirement for orange on the archery hunts when no other audible hunts were going on at the same time. Do you have to wear orange for archery hunts?


Feb 26, 2008
Hello again folks!

I have a deer tag for this fall in Colorado, and I have some questions about blaze orange. The posted pictures I see of people hunting (successful or not) and glassing rarely have them wearing BLAZE ORANGE but I notice in the regulations that 500 square inches are required, plus some orange for the noggin and the pack. I don't want to get anything for the sake of color alone- it needs to also be functional. A hat is easy enough to figure out, but what vests and pack covers do you all like, that don't get in the way and restrict movement? I have an EXO K3 3200 pack and will be toting some EL 12x50s in a harness, with my rifle either in a carrier on the pack or in my hands.

Not sure if it matters much, but I'll be horseback on my way in/out of my hunting area...on foot once I get to the area.

Do you need the orange for the entire time you're in the field, such as traveling to from the area, glassing, etc.? Or is it just for when you're successful and packing out? I know, these are dumb questions- but on the hunting I do here on our lease in TX, hunter orange is only something I wear when we're quail hunting and the rest of the year it's just camo. :D
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