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  1. coldhunt

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    Dec 1, 2010
    I was on gunbroker and see Blaser guns listed like crazy. I have heard of them but know nothing really about them. The Blaser site, is not that easy for getting info. Anyone have thoughts, or know these rifles? They sure aren't cheap.
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    Jul 29, 2004

    Blasers are real nice rifles . They are compact, and well made. And expensive !

    The problem with them is that if they don't shoot well there is nothing a person
    can do to improve them.(Bedding,floating,truing,ETC)

    The stocks are two piece and you will find it very expensive to replace. like everything
    else if you have any problems you are at there mercy.

    Just an opinion

  3. coldhunt

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    Dec 1, 2010
    Scratch Blaser. I will move on now. Thanks.
  4. HOBO270

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    Jul 11, 2010
    I shoot a Blaser R93 Luxus in 257 Weatherby and it's the finest rifle I have ever owned. It will shoot .25" all day with three different loads. Blaser guarantees all of their barrels to shoot MOA or they will replace it for free. Customer service has been great for me. You just have to shoot one to see what they are all about. There is not another rifle made like a Blaser. They're not expensive if you can afford it. Some drive Fords while others drive Mercedes.
  5. R-DUB

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Hello everyone, first real post as a new member, prior US Army Infantry, Big Game hunter for last 20 years, For the assistance of all out there that ever wondered about these odd german rifles imported by SIG that the internet barely mentions I will give it a fair summary of my experiance and observations.

    I have the R93 LRS1 "star wars" looking aluminum chassis 10 round box fed straight pull bolt action Blaser, I purchased it new back in 1998 (super low serial number) and have fired lots of 168gr gold medal, 168gr moly black hills and recently have started reloading the last couple years and it prefers the 168gr Moly A-Max, O.A.L. 2.810", with 44-45gr VARGET or BLC-2, (it doesnt care), and shoots under 0.25 MOA at 100yards using a VXIII LR 6.5x20. I have made numerous single shots measuring 0.006" from P.O.A on 4 seperate palma target squares in a row with about 5 seconds between shots, I did this to see how accurate it really was to leave a clean single hole to measure center of impact to point of aim, ( on 20 power I watch the holes be made) also to check how well it does with a significant shift of aim to a new location on the target, instead of banging away at the same reference point, one inch higher the impact, four shots in a row, It is the most accurate rifle Im sure to ever own, and shall never try to get anything better, in the accuracy department. In the looks department, this rifle looks like it shoots laser beams.

    I have tried to find a 168gr match load combo within reason it hasnt liked using Sierras, Combined Tech Ballistic Silvertips and A-Max's and it absolutely doesnt care about powder charge, Standard OAL, as well....the groups stay the same size but simply shift up or down from my 100 yard zero, it killed the whole excitment of working up a load for the rifle. It likes every 168gr I have shot through it with the 168gr A-Maxs the slight winner in consistency realm,. If i space out my shots, say 1-2 min, it will hold its zero with no POI shift, but if i do get it hot enough to get mirage after around 10 shots cold day or 20 shots warm weather with minimal cooling (30 sec between shots) it has a repeatable 0.5 MOA shift perfectly to the right, this occurs once the barrel is hot enought that a Mirage band is required to see on 20 power out the leupold long range VXIII( but i do not use one) I do not have the break that clamps on the end of the barrel, back in 1998 it was revealed to me it opened up the groups to about 0.5" for a couple other shooters so I saved my $350.00. Nor do I have the monopod, just use a leather rabbit ear bag and a Harris BR pivoting Bipod off the bench, same setup I use in the field. Now I have not taken anything past 200 yards with this platform, ( havent had a shot presented further then that yet in western washington) But im looking to do just that this year.

    This is the fastest, most accurate production bolt gun in the world, and Ill would feel well prepared to go up against anything production and custom for group size. I say this as a honest no -------- review of applying the fundamentals of marksmanship to a phenomenal platform I have used for hunting and target use for the last 14 years.

    Does it have anything I do not like, YES. How the hell do I put a sling on this thing?
    There are no factory provisions...I havent had the need, I still hunt or hunt the clearcuts with it, so sling isnt really needed for my style of hunting, uber silent in the woods, rifle at the ready, until I get up to the clear cuts to sit and glass from the bipod.

    I see a trend towards maximum adjustability in the REM 700 platform with aluminum chassis, 10 round box mags....all things this rifle has h

    ad for decade.. I feel it was way ahead of its time and didnt get the true accolades and coverage it deserved.

    Just my opinion, hopefully this will shed some light on this rifle and then I can stop answering so many Q's at the range and shoot it. This is a great forum, great info good topics and some well rounded individuals on here.

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  6. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    RW- i shot against one in a 1000 yard match ; 300 win mag. like yours it shot very well. a very non-traditional looking rifle. i know a friend here that has shot everything with his. he has a 300 weatherby and a 375 barrel . elephant , african lion, zebra, elk, antelope bobcat ..................