SOLD/EXPIRED Black Powder 1860 Colt Army pistol


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Oct 23, 2002
York, Pa.
I have a Traditions manufactured 1860 Colt Army black powder cap and ball 44 cal pistol for sale. I shot it only 12 rounds. Just ain't me. This is the kit with powder /measure flask balls, wads, lube.

I have 2#of powder both Pyrodex and Black and caps BUT these CANNOT be shipped by me. I live south of York, Pa if you wanted to drive and pick-up these items too.

$200 pistol, no powder or caps shipped Click pics for larger size to view

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Hey Kevin,

This is nice looking revolver and a great price, I'm just not in the market for one right now. I think you'd get more exposure over on the "Guns for Sale" thread...

Good luck!