Black Hole Weaponry match grade 5-land 6.5mm,24",1:8 blank

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    May 8, 2016
    Match grade, 416R stainless, 6.5mm bore, 1:8 twist, 24" unprofiled, unchambered, 1.2" diameter blank, Caudle 5-land polygonal rifling. It will finish up to 23". Black Hole Weaponry is now rebranding to Columbia River Arms. The 5-land barrels are normally only sold to OEM's but I got a bunch of them for various projects some time back and have this one spare. The polygonal rifling nets longer barrel life, faster velocity and easier cleaning. All of my BHW barrels run 50-100fps faster than my conventionally rifled barrels of the same length and almost never need cleaning.

    $250 + actual shipping. Discreet paypal or money order only.

    All BHW/CRA barrels are match grade, 416R stainless. I have 5 match rifles sporting their barrels. Every single one was easy as pie to get a 1-hole load worked up for.

    Rifling explained below:
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