Bit of confusion with twisting turrets

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by dangaff, May 23, 2010.

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  1. dangaff

    dangaff Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2010
    Hi all,

    I have some confusion

    I understand MOA, turning turrets left and right, etc


    What i don't get it is, if the drop chart says 17, but the turrets only have 10 full marks on it.
    Do i turn a full turn then up to 7?

    What if i've already zeroed my scope and its on 3, then what do i do?
    Bit of maths involved or?

    If any information, will be appreciated


  2. After you're zeroed loosen the set screw on the turret and set both elevation and windage turrets to zero. And yes, 17 minutes wouls be one full rotation of 10 and another 7/10 of a rotation, stopping at 7.
  3. dangaff

    dangaff Well-Known Member

    May 23, 2010
    Ah, i see

    That helps

    I'll be getting a NF with zero stop too :)

    So basically just turn full rotations (if needed) then whatever's left.
    I'll test the drop charts at the range too anyway
  4. trebark

    trebark Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2008
    Definitely test your drop chart. They are never correct.
  5. Bravo 4

    Bravo 4 Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2007
    Another way to do it so that you don't lose the number of turns you've made on the turret is to use the baselines. Those are the lines that are visible when you make complete rotations of the line per rotation. So if you have your scope turret zeroed and have three baselines visible (only an example, yours may be different) and needed +17moa to engage a target. You would go to baseline four (one turn up from example) + 7moa and that would be your 17moa with your scope that has 10moa per revolution. Then to go back to your original zero (from any added adjustment) all you need to do is turn the elevation knob to where you are back on "0" with the correct number of lines.
    Example of a drop chart could look like this:
    zero= BL3
    200 = BL3+4
    300 = BL4+2
    400 = BL5+6

    Some scopes, however, don't have base lines.