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Oct 9, 2006
I pack into higher elevations for mule dear and elk. I've been using the large Harris bipod on my 300 win mag. What size bipod are most of you using. I'm switching over to my 25/06 for deer this year and I'm leaning toward the 9" to 13".
Thank for any input.
high elevation hunting can be trickie if you know the area you will be hunting it helps if not it helps to dicide if you will be shooting more sitting or standing i've always liked the shorter 9" less weight and most of my shots are prone
Re Bipod height

Take both heights! Just kidding, I used a 9-13 for years but now I use a 6-9 (Harris) If I had to pick between the two I would use the 6-9 but there are times when a 9-13 is real useful. Like everything its compromise. If you are shooting off rocks a lot and not having to shoot over low grass etc I would go 6-9. Can depend on rifle stock design as to what works best. I use Rem 700s but a mate has a Weatherby with the monte carlo type stock and more drop at the comb. The higher bipod suits those types of stock better. I have found the lower one more stable to shoot from. (slightly).
I've been thinking on a 9-13 too. Thanks for the info. I just added see thru flip up scope caps, storm caps they call them, and a Browning sling to my 7mm Mag. I like using my backpack to shoot off of, but can see the handiness of the 9-13 bipod. I dont suppose the extra few ounces would make a diff as I carry too much stuff any way.
I have two 9-13's (one with the canting device, other rigid) and one 13-27 canting device. I thought that the taller one would be handy when I have to position myself in a bean field or a swamp while doing drives. Honestly anything over the 13 gets pretty hard to steady the butt of the rifle. I've tried using a monopod as an aditional steady stick, but long shots have to be made low to the ground (at least for me ;) ). I like the 9-13 model very much.
I use the highest swivel model. It's either 25 or 27" fully extended for sitting shots, but can be used prone. Really comes into play with downhill or sidehill shots.
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