I have had several sets of the 25X to 40X 100 mm Straight through eyepiece units over the years. They have changed the color of the earlier ones that first came out.

The glasses are made in China, they are heavy and really don't do anything any better then my Bushnell Spacemasters (with a turret and three sets of eyepieces) or the older Bausch and Lomb or the 77mm or 82mm Kowa Bigeyes do.

The clarity in the 100 MM isn't bad and I know of a LR hunter or two that use them, but For ease of use and all around performance and price, the Spacemaster or Kowa bigeyes or the B&L seem to work about best. They are more portable to carry any distance and take less room at storage time.

I just sold my last set of the these 100 mm (China made) OD color unit's like you had on the forum.


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