For Sale Bijou Creek .338 Lapua-- Reduced


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Jul 10, 2020
Built by Mike Cuypers from Bijou Creek in 2014. Time and work have kept the round count at whopping 4--- now that I do have time I cant do anything bigger than a .308 these days. Ammo fired was S&B 250gr HPBT. It has a few light handling marks--- more than happy to send pics of. Im new to the forum but have bought and sold a few guns on gunbroker (BigBlue21) over the last 10 yrs or so. No trades please.

Stiller TAC 338 action
Spiral fluted bolt/ M-16 extractor
28" rock creek stainless fluted match bbl Single point cut 5R lands and grooves 1-9.4 twist
Bijou Creek muzzle brake
Jewell trigger
20 moa rail
Mcmillan A5 stock
Seekins fully machined bottom metal
5 round removable mag

12.8lbs on my bathroom scale
52.5" overall length

$3100 insured, shipped and tracked to your FFL from an individual. If your FFL does not accept from individuals, I can find one on my end. I dont have a hard case to ship it in but will ensure its good and snug when it does.

Rifle will ship as soon as FFL is recieved and payment has cleared.

Buyer will get a 3 day non-firing inspection period and will get a refund minus insured shipping if returned.

Apologies for being long and drawn out but wanted to cover what I could.0714201410_HDR.jpg0714201401_HDR.jpg0714201407_HDR.jpg0714201401b_HDR.jpg0714201407.jpg0714201406.jpg0714201404a_HDR.jpg0714201412_HDR.jpg0714201403.jpg
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Dec 26, 2010
Free Bump, Bijou Creek builds a dam fine shooting rifle. I have a similar build also build by Mike, its the most accurate rifle I own.

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