Biggest porker so far

The biggest that I ever got was possibly stalking me. I was coming off of a deer stand and as I was walking out I kept hearing steps over my left shoulder. I'd stop, it would stop. I really thought that that it might be a big buck that we knew was in the area and he was trying to wind me. I got to the paved country road and stepped across quickly and got behind a cedar bush. He came off a bank and was looking around for something. When he hit the road I hit him with a 168 Accubond at about 25 ft. from a 300 Win. Mag. where the neck meets the body. He didn't even quiver. I don't know what he weighed because he bottomed the processor's scale. The processor had just started doing hogs and had just the scale that he used for our smallish deer. I gave him away. He had 3+" cutters.
Congrats on that hog. When I first read that headline, I thought this thread was going to be more like this 🤣


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I see the little one on top. What did you do, catch her giving birth? Shame on you.
If that's a boar I hope you nutted it as quick as possible.