bigger than 50mm obj?


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Sep 12, 2004
im looking for a scope with a bigger than 50mm obj. i would like to be able to zoom in quite a bit, but still see a wider area? am i hoping for too much?
A. you shouldn't be using your scope as a replacement for a spotting scope, its dangerouse.
B. There isn't a good scope under $500.
c. Try looking for a spotting scope, the spider web one from Prem Ret is neat.
D. hensold make a 6.5-20x72 sniper scope.
I personally see nothing dangerous in using a rifle scope for observation, (assuming half a brain), and not pointing the gun in an unsafe direction; the same as when in close proximity to people and occupied dwellings. PC advice is worthwhile, but, do you always have a spotting scope available, always have a pair of binoculars available? If you want to get a better look at something, I say it's okay to use your scope. Like the man said, zoom in. Why should he not use his variable scope for the purpose it was intended? However, zooming in and "still see a wider area" is counterproductive; so yes, you are hoping for too much. In fact, a "bigger" objective doesn't help, at all.

Good hunting. LB

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well has anybody had any experience with the tasco super sniper scopes? they are supposed to be compared to 800-1000 scopes and are only 3-400
Come on, Pete.

Bolt up, unloaded, checking an unreadable National Forest sign, or some landmark in the distance, to get your bearings.... checking a glittering object, just in case?

Spotting scopes are great, but I travel light, hardly ever carry one with me. Binoculars are also great, IF I happen to have a pair handy, and I sometimes don't. What then, is the best solution; hike back to the truck for a spotting scope?

I've been reading articles for years, telling me that it's a "no-no" to get a better look at something(?) unless I have a spotting scope handy.

Of course, you wouldn't want someone studying you from a hillside, with their rifle. Me neither. I think we agree, that could be a very scary thing. Rude, in fact.

So, I'm not suggesting that it's okay to point a scoped rifle at another human, or even cattle, for instance. I think there are any number if circumstances where it can be perfectly safe.

Gun writers don't influence every action I take in the woods. Nice advice, use it wisely, that's the key word, but it certainly is not graven in stone. I listen to good, well intentioned advice, and take it into consideration. I don't, however, follow it blindly.

That's my story; I know we are getting a little side tracked, sorry about that.

Good hunting. LB
well, i guess it depends on how you where taught firearms safety. several times in Scotland i have seen waht i thought was a roe deer, upon close investigation with a spotting scope it turned out to be a hill walker in a redish brown jacket, sat taking a crapor a break, it wouldn't be sensible to be using a scope for looking at game anywhere there are people, now if you have already confirmed that what you are looking at is actualy a game species, then i see no harm in studdying it closer through the rifle scope. just be carefull.
LB, you have to remember that not all hunters who read this are as experiences or as safety consiouse as you and me.
i see no problem in occasionaly glassing an object through a scope. providing you unload the soding rifle first. but if you are diong much long range glassing you can't beat a good spotting scope, a decent set of bino's and a comfy spot in the heather. Pete
Scopes are for shooting.
I was taught and believe you never point a rifle at anything you would regret shooting.
Use binoculars, bring a spotting scope if you need detail or more magnification.

Look at it the other way. Imagine looking through your spotting scope or binoculars at another hunter to realize he is pointing his rifle directly at you. Empty magazine or bolt up is not likely to be obvious.
Do you:
A. Assume it is natural for a stranger to point a weapon at you.
B. Seek cover and maybe call for backup.
C. Aim back and be prepared to shoot if you see the bullet coming your way.
D. Approach the hunter and ask if they have a license for human.
You get a "D" in comprehension, Amigo.

Read it again. Nobody has said they advocated pointing rifles at humans.

Sorry, this is going nowhere. LB
Read it again. Maybe I get an F this time, but the gist I got is it is easy to unintentionally look at a human. No matter how you look at it, looking over the countryside is best done with binoculars, not over a rifle barrel.
Yeah, sure.

I read your post below under the CNN Vote: your arguments are less than compelling. But, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Just wondered what other's thought about this.
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Does this mean I should legally have the right to own a fully loaded F-15 or M-1 Abrams with all the accessories?

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If you are to dang lazy to carry another 1-2 pounds in your pack for a spotting scope Stay home and do your hunting on the keyboard.

Just last year my buddy and i were out in the open hills on national forest land hunting deer and watching for movement and watched 4 guys jump out of a truck and start blazing away at a deer running 300 yards from us. The guys didn't see us in full blaze orange(required) until one guy saw us and then put his rifle up on the fence post and scoped us. I was watching through my spotting scope and politely gave him the bird. They jumped back in the truck and moved on. Went back to camp and ran into the fella that scoped us and he got the full brunt of it.

Needless to say these were idiots that couldn't see 300 yards.

Please, for those of you that can't lug a spotting scope around to be safe, let me know so i stay a few states away from you.

This is how hundreds of our fellow hunters get killed every year during hunting season becasue they think it won't happen. All it takes is one brain fart and it is all over.
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