Big low fence 8pt


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Sep 16, 2009

Nice 8pt i shot at my deer lease in El Dorado Texas. This is the biggest true 8 i have ever seen out there and could not help myself and had to take him. It was an easy shot only about 200 yards but thought you guys would enjoy the picture...cheers, and good hunting...
Man that's a nice buck . I have two 8's on the wall and always thought I'd never shoot another that was until I layed eyes on yours:)

Kyle Welker, I'll be ****. Small world. This is Kevin Kearney. That's a stud of an 8, Congrats. What did he go? Although Brad told me you guys know of one that is a touch bigger :). Good to see you guys are doing well. Tell your old man I said hello.
Kevin i think you and my brother and Dad are all going at the same time this year with Brad eh? I wish i was going too, but just did a lot of remodel on my house so i have to save the funds this year.

He scored 140" (net) on the nose, if you counted the little split on his left brow it would ad and 1 3/8". He is the biggest 8 point i have ever seen outside a low fence, i just wish these west Texas deer had a little bit more mass, the bases were only 3.5" (right side) and 3 1/4" (left side) and the width was only 15.5". I have pictures of him from last year where he was a 9 point and would go 152" or so. I actually like him better this year (even though he is smaller) because he is basically a slick 8.

The other i saw was almost identical to him except his G2's were probably 11-12" (mine was 13.5') and his width was around 17" rather than 15.5".

Good luck this year in Mexico, send pics after your hunt.
Congrats Man that is a nice 8. I am a sucker for those big 8s score be darned.
Cheers to you Kyle, great looking buck, very elegant and tall rack!!! And in low fence, congratulations. Would not pass that deer also. Great picture.
Very nice---Low Fence ALWAYS trumps a High Fence of any size!! Again Nice Deer!!

Whats the difference if the buck was shot low fence or high fence? I really thought high fences sucked until I started hunting on my buddies ranch 50,000 acres some areas high fenced. The areas high fenced are all small ranches that all poach on my buddies land. They literally have all of there stands on the fence line looking towards my buddies property. A big deer is a big deer, and on really big ranches it is fair chase.
I agree 1000% i have a ranch that is low fence and another ranch that is high fenced , and the high fenced ranch is big enough that it is still all fair chase too me. A big deer is a big deer i don't care where it is shot. The difference between my two ranches is exactly what you said, on our low fence ranch we have neighbors that border us that have their fence lines filled with stands 200 yards off of our fence. The best part about having a high fence is after we manage and grow our deer herd from no help from the neighbors they cannot kill the deer we have been protein feeding etc.., when the rut starts and the bucks chase the does around the country.

2 years ago i had a beautiful 150" 4 year old come to my feeder and i did not want to shoot him b/c i wanted to wait another year, low and behold later that day my neighbor was in town showing him off. Makes me sick that my family grows these deer and my neighbors shoot them before they are mature...

I guess its the nature of the beast when you have a low fence on the ranch.

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