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I have been considering a 30-378 WM with my biggest concern being barrel life (40-50 rounds /month). After viewing this sight I'm worried about free bore, buying a off the shelf rifle, length, weight and barrel life.
I want to get a 30 caliber rifle that will last a long long time that is accurate to 12 or less inch groups at 800 yds. It needs to be light enough to carry in the field all day. Should I go with a custom rifle? If so, who should build it? Is the 30-378 caliber rough on all guns or just the off the shelf barrals? Other 30 calibers? IE I want the ultimate 30 cal hunting rifle. reliable accurarte, light,. There seems to be some very knowledgeable shooters on this sight. Any insight is appreciated. I'm wanting to invest in a top end gun that wil last a lifetime.

P.s. scope sugestions

Tahnks, JB
The main reason it is hard on barrels is because the speed in which that bullet is going down the bore puts a lot of stress on the barrel. I have a .30-378. You have to clean it. If you use heavy bullets such as a 220 grain or a 240 grain you shouldn't have as much of a problem. I'm using 220's. Ask Ross from Prairie Gun Works. The one I have right now is a factory and I don't have any problems. He is going to build my custom in that cal when I can get around to it. I don't want to see you make a bad decision because of something you heard.

I feel your pain....

Off the top of my head I'd say you might be better off with a 300 RUM. IF you limit is 800 yards, this won't be a problem...I think Rem makes a Sendero version of this rifle. You could most likely get a custom one made for around $1800 - $2200 With a brake as well.
I don't like the freebore thing.. more trouble than its worth.
THere should be good brass on the market soon for the RUM as well...
You mentioned needing the rifle to be light. In a rifle light enough to be carried and shot off hand, the 30-378 would kick like an irritated mule to say the least.
Installing a muzzlebrake would help some but then you'd be forced to wear hearing protection while hunting and that isn't the best idea (at least in my opinion).
If you run some numbers in a ballistic program, you'll see that at 800 yards, many cartridges will have more than enough energy to cleanly kill big game like deer or antelope. If you want to stick with 30 caliber, rounds like the 300 Win MAg or even the new 300 short magnums would be ideal. These cartridges have more than enough energy and the recoil would be manageable. They shouldn't be quite as hard on barrels either.
That is my opinion, but then again I always lean towards the lighter calibers.
Keep 'em centered.
Welcome JB you found what I believe to be the best for hunting and information. The best 30 caliber would be the 300 Tomahawk you can read all the post on the 2nd Best 30 cal. Also check out the new short mags.
I found a new Savage in 300WSM with a Simmons scope for $425.00 out the door.

So there are good deals out there depending on where you live or check the buy,sale or borrow section.

Best of Luck and Again WELCOME
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