Biathlon rifles


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Feb 8, 2015
California, Monterey Bay
He all, I have been a long time fan of the biathlon and recently my two young daughters have showed much enthusiasm for the sport, after we did our own backyard biathlon race with a pellet gun. It inspired me to start looking for a rifle to train with, as the target shooting is the most difficult skill to master I believe.
I have been searching around for a used Biathlon style rifle and it seems like the best deal is to just a buy a new Larsen recruit rifle, which is a Izhmash 7-3, set up by larsen for a about 1200. I have read about people outfitting savage MK2's with new stock and slings and such but the total price always appears to be pretty close to the cost of the Larsen recruit without the straight pull action and quality sights or accuracy, of the 7-3.
Does anyone out there Know something I don't or have a Biathlon type rifle for sale?

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