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    Jul 7, 2008
    Hi guys,
    I'm trying to load for 300 yards and possibly further depending on the progress of my gun club.

    I bought a Mcgowen savage varmint SS .243 win. 1:12, 26" barrel topped with a Bushnell 5-15x42 3200 elite. Recently I got a Boyd thumbhole too. Along with a large savage bolt handle. I get excellent accuracy at 100 yards. Dan from McGowen said I would be amazed at the accuracy at 300. Well I wasn't. The info from their website wasn't what should have been given for bulllet weights? So Dan told me to try a twist calculator, which ask you for the cal., bullet length, muzzle FPS, and what kind of bullet for Specific Gravity.

    I managed to get a one inch group 10 inches low with a 65 grain v-max, at 3000 fps at 300 yards. I also had another load that was at 2 or 3 inches at 300 yards at 3300 fps or a little faster. I have to try 3500 next with a Berger 80 varmint FB.

    My factory 1:10 sporter barrel got a 1 inch group at 300 and 1.5 nches other times. So I was expecting better with an after market barrel? Am I wrong?

    Dan told me I could send back the barrel and they'll make me another one or keep the barrel and they would make me another barrel barrel at half the price with any twist I wanted. it sounds like a 1:8 with a 105 VLD will do better?

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    If he is offering to take it back and get you another one with what ever twist you want then i would jump on that in a heartbeat. A 1-12 twist is not a good twist at all for the 243 if you want to use the heavier bullets which if you are shooting long range is your best option. I would go wit a 1-8 twist so you could shoot the 95,105 Bergers or 105 A Max. I dont think you will be dissapointed