Better long range target gun?


Nov 11, 2009
What would be a better long range target gun 1000 yards +, the 300 ultra or the 30-378 weatherby? and why? also what would be the max muzzle velocity on both these guns?
Left of the why part, either one will do the job without a doubt. I can't tell alot of differance myself when u weigh out cost and performance, i havent set them side by side to test, but i always pick up my .300 when i reach for one. Maybe one of the other guys will chime in on that....
30-378 is about 100-150fps faster than the .300 RUM. My .300 rum groups better than the weatherby, maybe because of less recoil, maybe not. Again, i always pick up my .300RUM first.
30-378 - 200gr/3160fps & 300RUM - 200gr/3100fps. I agree with some others go w/300RUM, for me easier to reload.
Between the choices that you have listed, I would certainly say go with the 300 RUM. However, if you are strictly looking for just a target gun to get you to a 1000 yds, then go with one of the short action 6.5 rounds like the 260. It will cost considerably less and you will be more comfortable shooting multiple rounds. Just a thought. I do understand the desire for more horsepower though.
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