Best way to build a 338 RUM


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Jul 12, 2015


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Apr 13, 2018
Is it any different than any more recent thread?

I guess I should have started a new thread instead of reading an existing one and commenting on it?

I have no desire to waste peoples time asking them to answering a question they have already answered on this site! It is one thing if you try looking and fail to find what your looking for. It is another to just be lazy and not look first!

Is the age of the thread more relevant than the information contained with in?

That is also why I seldom post on here. A lot of people want peer approval and pat on the back for being a good parrot. Life is too short for that! I get on I research what I want and I get out. Some of these guys on here are smart and very well practiced but a lot just want to parrot the party line and get some ego stroking going on and look like an internet expert! Let's not forget all the petty arguing over a few fps that seldom really matter's. In fact that is why people have won competitions with anything and everything and when ever someone does something different it is always their ammo choice, barrel and action choice even if they have won 3 or more national level competitions with 3 different cartridges everyone and their mom has to switch cartridges, actions, optics etc....That is why they publish the gear used by the top finishers! It is never about the man but his gear!

Instead I am being mocked for appreciating someone taking the time to give a guy a well formulated simple advice and options on his build! I was being positive and praising a person for simple well thought out advice. I loved the part about him telling the guy to make a list in black and white of the pro's and con's and cost of both builds. I often tell people to do the same thing it is practical, logical, and often points out the obvious we might over look if just thinking about it in our mind! Man do I feel foolish for praising a guy for giving out SOLID advice full of commonsense, sound logic and choices! I sure feel like a fool now! LOL

Personally I hate it when young kids get on forums and ask things that have been asked and answered on that forum 1000 times before often once a week.

I will continue to get in and get out and do more lurking than posting! Stupid old thread resurrection is ruining the internet! LOL