Best Thermal Scope for the money 2023


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Aug 20, 2008
Monarch, MT
Looking at the different options out there now. Just need best thermal for the money for shooting game out to maybe 300 yards.

Looked at Pulsar and ATN, just ran across the ATN THOR 5 2-20x Smart XD.

Looking to buy 1 optic, cry once and be done with to cover everything for night hunting and be done with it.

Any info from the vast knowledge on this website is appreciated before I pull the trigger on purchase.
I agree with the above recommendations.
ATN used to be good but nobody here uses them anymore... NONE.
They had software glitches where they would blink on the shot and re-boot and such.
Pulsar, AGM and Flir (which used to be Armasight) is what most use here.
I've had my Pulsar Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO a little over a year now and it has been outstanding. This year they added a free firmware upgrade that installs bullet drop compensation to use in connection with the laser rangefinder they added last year. Using a simple phone app I was able to add ballistic profiles for my 6.5 Grendel, 308, 6 Arc, and 243 Bullet and velocity profiles. Just select the profile by name you setup and zero the rifle. Now when you range the target it will move your cross hair to holdover or under depending on the range. HUEY Outdoors was advertising that he would cover the Texas or Your states sales tax, when you buy one from him. Roughly $6k.