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Mar 14, 2002
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I am writing a novel that involves the use of rifles for hunting tiger (in the nicest possible way); it's about rescuing tigers in the wildlife.... I need to know the name of two rilfes and ammunition, and sights, that could be used to shoot a tiger. One is to be used by an Olympic shooter who has never shot a tiger before (and will wound it); the other will be a dart rifle used by an environmentalist to sedate tigers for translocation.
If anyone can proved such info we will acknowledge in the book (if desired). thanks
adam zack

This is probably not the best forum to obtain the information you are looking for. I would suggest getting in contact with a game agency or animal control department in India in a region where there still are tigers. An embassy could help you find the right place. You need to talk with someone who is actively involved with hunting and darting tigers, if you want the nomenclature of the equipment they use.
One of the most commonly used immobilization systems used in N. American is the CAP-CHUR single barrel break-open rifle powered by various .22 blanks (different power levels, greens, reds like Ramset charges). The dart projectile has an explosive charge inside to inject the drug - not a nice way to get an injection. There are several other systems available, CO2 powered etc.
Best to talk to a game researcher from the conservation agency as to current immobilizer systems and tranquilizer drugs.
We also used to use a jab-stick - long pole with a syringe on one end - that would be a sporting method for tranquilizing tigers...
Good luck with your research.
Hmmmmm. A guy who has never shot a tiger will attempt to do so, but instead of a humane kill, he will wound it. An environmentalist will save the day.

Is it legal to hunt tigers at all?

Gee, according to this book, even Olympic-class shooters are jerks.

Maybe I'm just paranoid.
I didn't want to be the first to mention it but since it has been said I agree. Sounds like the same old tear jerker, hunter bad guy storyline kids have grown up with since the first Bambi movie. Unfortunately their are idiots out there that believe everything put in front of them and don't realize they are being led with a ring in there nose.
I just have to ask does this tiger eat soy products and eat grass and twigs and nuts and berrys and heart healthy things and does he protect all the other animals in the jungle LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
well it is not as bad as mofatt eating a shrew shake. If this was not so bad for hunting it may be funny plus this is one way to get the shooting sports out of the games it makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!:Coyote Slayer

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I agree Lee I think there is something fishey here it sounds like the movie and book Never Cry Wolf to me :Have a great day
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