Best practice? Moving your reloading shop...


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Jun 16, 2012
Yellowstone Country
When I moved out here to WY 10 years ago I had the back of my pickup loaded with 30 square buckets (the ones kitty litter come in with snap-on lids) packed with primers, powder, and bullets. I built a 40 x 10' man cave on the back, and am still trying to get things sorted out and placed just right. The buckets, some of which weighed 50 pounds, made carting them around doable. Made the mistake of putting in a 8x4' picture window on the end facing the mountains. Lost 15' to the wife.


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Dec 7, 2013
I have moved from West Texas to East Texas to South Texas to Wisconsin to Indiana to Georgia to East Texas and a few of non-company moves in between. Routine is bullets go in small heavy wall boxes to keep the weight reasonable, powers in a couple of large coolers as noted previously, and everything else in plastic totes. I keep the totes under 100 lbs so I can mange them. I never let the movers handle my junk. I have a large loading bench that I built to disassemble so everything goes back the same. A couple of office file cabinets to keep track of brass, boxes and other necessaries is easy to manage. Good luck!