Best pack for mountain hunting

I use a Cabela's Whitetail bag and the thing that makes it heavy duty, is the leather bottom.
I’m exactly the same as hydrocarbon running the kuiu icon pro 3200/7200. I just like everything about the pack frame and primarily use the 3200. I try to backpack with horses as much as possible- the 7200 is a lot of bag and holds more than I want to carry for any long distances.

also heard really good things about exo and have wanted to pick one up.

I have thrashed my kuiu gear and it seems to not have any issues.

one suggestion is to pick and few and watch the field test YouTube vids. Good luck!
What version?
I have the Ultra Pack from Kuiu. I bought the frame, meat shelf/hauler and two packs, a 4000 and a 7200. When I bought these the Ultra line was being discontinued so they were severely marked down. I bought my whole set up, including a gun holder, Pro serise shoulder pads, carbon frame, a few accessory pouches and straps for about half of what it was originally. I think I paid $480 for all of it. I looked at the EXO and Kifaru pack and intended on buying a kifaru until I found this deal. I am happy with the Kuiu pack, but time will tell. I figured best to save some cash and figure out what a I like and don't before spending a bunch more.
I have heard lots of good 1st hand reviews on the EXOs. Mark and Steve have both been extremely polite and helpful when I called to discuss concerns and questions. I will have an Exo 4800 in a couple months so I can train and hike the summer with before this fall. Please confirm this before you act on it, but I believe Steve told me if I didnt like the pack then I could send It back as long as it hadn’t been “used”, I don’t recall his exact word but we all know how something should be in full return condition.
EXO pack is a Great pack. Many options & accessories. Great quality & customer service. Configurable, bags interchange, easily compress down, & expands to haul loads comfortably. Adjustable for fit.
get 1 frame & run a single size bag for most of your needs or run a 2 bag system.
Give em a call, they will help you with any questions about your pack needs.
I bought an Eberlestock Gunslinger because it was at a fire sale price.
Heavy, not enough volume - basically only good for a 2 day. I also *hate* packing it - IMO, clamshell backpack designs suck ballz. (On an aside, AΩO clamshell backpacks absolutely rock, but they disappeared in 2010.)
Have used it only 2x in 5 years. I'll use my "base camp" climbing pack going in, then day pack.
Like @Iceking02 suggested, it is best to assess your needs and environment.
I bought the Initial Ascent IA4K pack last February, used it all summer for training and then four hunts this fall. I am extremely satisfied with this pack, definitely worth a look.
I was all but sold on the Exo but switched at the last minute, I was fortunate to try on virtually ALL available packs at the Western Hunt Expo in Utah February 2020.
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I have used and abused my Kifaru for years in the Western US plus Alaska. Kifaru is nice! Once you have a frame you can inter-change bags and customize with a large selection of accessories! I was torn between Kifaru and Stone Glacier when I was looking. Unfortunately Stone Glacier doesn't come in camo so that made up my mind.

My preference is a 6,000 cu in bag. It's possible to cinch it down tight to the frame when not loaded and it's large enough to haul massive, bulky loads when you need it! I have a smaller bag for scouting but for the most part my large bag stays on the frame.
IMO- Top 3 best in no particular order are kifaru, exo and stone glacier. Great for heavy hauling and plenty light for day hike.

I bought the exo k3 with 6400 bag. It is a huge improvement over my old badland ox. Minimal hot spot, more comfortable, bag arrangement more convenient....

Over the years before exo k3. Have used a blue widow eberlestock for a year and went back to the old badland ox cause it was much more comfortable with heavy pack outs.