best meat/hauler frame?


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Oct 26, 2006
I have a Kelty pack that is metal frame with a removable hauler type shell, it does have a wierd 2/3 down shelf that prevents 1/4's of animals fitting all the way down like they need to be. I strapped a 110lb raft on the frame today and it wasn't very fun. What's your go to frame for strapping a large load to? I will be heading to AK and need to haul the raft as well as 100lb'ish bone in quarters off a moose or mooses!! haha

Tell me what to buy for my pack mule hunting buddies!!!
Well, what's your price point on this? There is a company called brooks range that makes a very nice external frame pack, hauls well but is heavy to start off with. If you have the scratch and want a pack for forever..... Barney's Alaskan Guide packs are the best. Watch the outdoor channel and note what packs the guides are wearing when they hunt in AK, they always use Barney's. search barneys sports chalet in google, they make and sell the best alaskan heavy weight hauling packs money can buy. I have the Alaska Hunter pack, and hauled an entire boned out caribou bull in it last year. not fun because it was way too heavy, but the pack was solid and my shoulders and hips weren't sore from teh pack at all. they are the best.
Shoot I love the kelty cache hauler! Just strapped my day pack on it, knocked down my critter and hauled it out while carrying my day pack. Yea a dead animal shifts around a bit when it's strapped to your back, but that's my way of doing it. The pins on the frame are a little noisy, but you can fix it with electric tape. The hip pad is good and the load lifter straps work well.
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