Best LR setup for wildgoose hunting?


Apr 14, 2004
What cal and bullet do you think is the best to hit a small target(wildgoose) at distances up to about 400-500yards with sometimes wind up to about 5-7m/s(ca 40f/s)?

Today I use a Sako varminter in 243win, and have used 70gr sierra mk, and Nosler 80bt, but I still look for a better/more accurate bullet/load.
Someone have a suggestion?

Here are two pic of wildgoose through my scope at about 200yards!


For inside 50 yards you are probably doing fine with the 70 and 80 grain bullets with the speed making up for a lower BC. You could switch to a 105 Lapua or 107 Sierra for a test but I don't know how much it'd help. A 15mph cross wind is pretty stiff for something the size of a goose at 500 yards.

Take care and good hunting.
I have a 1-10 twist barrel, so the 105-107 bullet won`t stabilize in my barrel.
But maybe I will change barrel later, and than I may change to an another cal like(22-250,22-250AI,22-243,6mm Norma br or 243AI) or 243with an 1-8twist.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>A 15mph cross wind is pretty stiff for something the size of a goose at 500 yards.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Yes, but most of my shoots at goose are closer than 300yards, and a cross wind about 2-3m/s.

I have try a lot of bullet in my 243win, and my last I try was 87gr V-max, 90gr Scenar and 90gr scirocco.
The scirocco I got about 1" 3shot group at 100Yards.
90gr Scenar I got from 1/4" to about 2" at 100yards(wery varying group size)
87gr V-max I olso got varying group size form 1/3" to about 1.5" at 100yards.
I think that the scenar bullet will not expand enough to get a quick kill, and maybe the 87gr V-max will destroy to mutch meat.

How about Berger bullet about 80-90grain, have anyone som experience with they?
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