Best Loads for 7mm Rem Mag?

Jim Bergmann

Feb 20, 2002
St. Louis, MO
Hi folks. I've gone off in a slightly different direction since I posted a few weeks ago asking for advice on what caliber rifle to buy, based on using factory ammo. A few things have changed for me since then.

First, through a family member, I have available to me a Winchester 70 Classic Stainless w/Boss in 7mm Rem. I am going to go with that for now, rather than buy a new rifle (maybe later, if this whole things catches on with me as I think it is!). Anyway, a co-worker of mine reloads, and will do so for/with me. So now I want to know, what do you guys recommend as far as the "best" bullet weight, what would be a good starting load for it, with what powder, etc. Based on what I have read here, I am thinking of the Sierra MatchKing in 168 grain?

Any advice regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated. Also, anyone have any experience with this rifle and Boss--what would be a good starting point with it as far identifying the "Sweet Spot?"

Thanks for your help...

Tim Behle

Well-Known Member
Mar 16, 2002
McNeal, AZ
I started working on that load a week or so ago. I'm shooting a Win 70 SS but no Boss. I am using the 168 gr. SMK and H4831SC. I started at 57 grains and loaded one bullet for every half grain increase up to 66 grains. I marked each shot on the target at 100 yards and took the three in the tightest group. They happened to be the 65, 65.5 and the 70 grain shots. I loaded 5 shots with each of these loads and tried again. According to my notes, I want to stick with the 65.5 grain loads, but about that time the UPS truck pulled in with some 115 grain Starkes and I got distracted with them.

All loads were done with Fed 215M primers and R-P Brass.
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