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  1. Bouieboy

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    Feb 27, 2011
    I am looking to purchase all new reloading equipment. Can anyone tell the the best turret press, dies for 300WSM and 270WSM, scales, and other supplies to buy (at low cost)?
  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    If you are just starting to reload I would recommend a two stage press like the RCBS Rock Chucker
    and stay away from the turret presses to start with. They can be troublesome if you are not a
    seasoned re loader and will/may hurt the quality of your loads.

    Develop your loading procedure and you will make fewer/no mistakes.

    Dies can be bought from several makers at a reasonable cost like the Hornady,Lyman,RCBs and
    are very good.

    Other tools like the scales and powder measure are a personal choice in the beginning and
    as you load for a while you will be able to decide if you need something else.

    There are many other brands or presses that are good but I have the first Rock Chucker I bought
    over 50 years ago and still use it.

    Just a recommendation

  3. boomtube

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    Oct 8, 2007
    Lee's Cast Turret press is as good as a turret gets and sells for a rational price. You don't say why you feel a turret would be a good choice tho. I agree with J.E. that a single stage press is a far better choice for beginners and for high power rifles; see Lee's Classic Cast for that. I've been doing this stuff for a loong time and have never seen a 'worn out' press or anything else unless it was abused or neglicted.

    Lee's dies make as good ammo as any others (except Forster and Redding's costly 'competition' dies, and then not by much), and again Lee's cost is low. I would suggest you look at Lee's "Delux" set that includes the normal full length sizer and seater dies and includes an excellant neck die as well, plus a 'free' shell holder that would cost another $7-9 from others. (You will not need a crimping die for those cartridge but if you want one Lee sells their very good Factory Crimp Die seperately and for low cost.)

    Lee's little "Safety Scale" powder scale is sensitive, accurate but limited in capacity and a PITA to use; get an RCBS 505 or Dillion Eliminator instead.

    Many of us believe Redding's 3BR powder measure with the universal metering chamber is perhaps the best of the common measures. Redding's powder trickler is also good, the others are a bit light for easy use.

    Get some Hornady "Unique" or Redding "Imperial" case sizing lube and apply it lightly with your finger tips, avoid case lube pads and spray case lubes. And, since mistakes will be made, get an RCBS Stuck Case Remover and their hammer type bullet puller too.

    Other bits and pieces? Loading blocks, powder funnels, etc., it really doesn't much matter what brand they are.

    There are other items you are going to want and/or need later but get these basics first and learn to use them before you try to expand.
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