Best electronics to do everything


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Feb 28, 2002
I'm looking to buy ??? Something to run one of the ballistic programs that have been coming out lately. Seems technology is moving faster and faster and its beginning to get hard for me to find the time to research whats all out there.
I had sold my palm pilot with the Atrax program by Horris Visions a little over a year ago when I moved and need to replace it.
I have been doing some research and am finding I am way out in left field with keeping up on whats new. I find Palm now has a unit with a phone, gps, and many other THINGS it can do like pictures/video's/email/ etc.
Question I have is this. IF I wanted a phone/gps/camera/videocorder/op system to run night force's ballistic program or even more what is out there that isn't going to leave me in the dust so to speak and wanting. I can use all of the above and would like all of the above but I just got totally lost in my research and need some guidance to get me back on course. So the next question is this. What is the best to buy that gives me the most bang for the buck or is the best to buy that can take some abuse along with doing all I'm asking. Or isn't there anything out there that can do it all.
Really odd question I know but just trying to catch up again with technology.
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