best computer balistics software?



i currently have the sierra infinity balistics program.what do you guys have/use/.like?i dont know how accurate the sierra software is as far as moa adjustments for yardage is concerened,anybody have experience with it?jason
I use an Excel spreadsheet. It works very well for me and I can modify the thing as I wish...

It does many of the standard items, BC, velocity, sight height, zero, range increment and some environmental manipulations (altitude, temp) and I can control the range increments easily.

The thing I like most is that I get a nice tiny printout of the drop chart(s) that I can then cut and paste into the rear Butler Creek lens cover.

And, thanks to help from Warren Jensen, it does some minor Coriolis calculation just for those that have to know that kind of thing.

There are many programs available.

The one I like is the "Oehler" balistic program. It is easy to use and one of the features I really like is the ability to run three bullets against each other (at the same time)on a graph, out to 2500 yards. You can see what is happening to lower BC bullets when you have the ability to do that.

I don't know if it's the best but, it's the one I have found to work best for me.


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Same I don't if it's the best but I use Tioga. It's available thru Lilja.
It is a DOS program and is plain jane but it works great. Gives you MOA and scope clicks needed plus other stuff. And it has been very
accrate for me.
Another option is the program that Dallen gives away free on his web site, He also has a reloading data base there.

Hope this helps.
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Trajectory Tables for Long Range Shooting

Here is a link to a ballistic web site for the long range shooters. Silhouette Ballistics is a very comprehensive exterior (bullet drop and windage) ballistic program and also an interior (muzzle velocity and chamber pressures) ballistic program. Exterior ballistics program adjusts the results for different environmental conditions. That is, input your sight setting, distance, and environmental conditions your rifle was zeroed at; and the program will calculate the correct sight settings for a new a different environment condition. Sounds like something long range shooters could find very useful. Example's on the web site.

Silhouette Ballistics
I use the same Excel spreadsheet that Dave King does (in fact we both had input into the design of it) and it is by far the most versatile ballistics computer I have ever used.

It is very user friendly and as Dave mentioned can be easily modified to show whatever you would like to see in a ballistics chart.

To go one up on Dave, I have a copy loaded into a pocket computer that runs Excel CE so I can do ballistic calculations right in the field. I attached a small plastic thermometer to my bipod and I have a map (or GPS) to tell me the elevation. With a windmeter I would have a complete field ballistics laboratory.

In southern Alberta, temperatures can range from +30c in the summer to -30c in the winter and no pre-done drop chart can hope to be accurate under those sorts of conditions.

This setup is really the cat's meo when the weather does not go your way. Air temperature is one of the biggest factors influencing the bullet's flight over long distances so the ability to correct for it in the field is invaluable.

All should note that the G1 drag model used by most ballistic computers is not very accurate as the bullet's velocity approaches the transonic range. Also, due to the many variables in a ballistic calculation, most drop charts will start to show some variation from reality beyond 600 yds or thereabouts.

Peter Cronhelm
I know it's not the best of the best and from what I've read elsewhere online my opinion is in the minority but Strelok+ has worked well for me. When all your data are input correctly and you use their drop corrections it becomes surprisingly accurate in my experience. If you have the money to drop hundreds of dollars on dedicated ballistic computers, do it, but my old phone with battery moto mod and Strelok+ last me all day while shooting and gets the job done too.

Edit: I said Strelok+ but I checked and I've been using the Pro version. I have both and always forget which is the top version
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