Best Case trimmer for 300RUM

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    Feb 15, 2012
    I have a RCBS Trim Pro 2 but I'm looking for something that is quicker. I have 200 pieces of brass that need to be trimmed and I really like the Trim-It II case trimmer but I can't find it with the 300RUM die. I've also looked at the World's Finest Trimmer and they have the 300RUM version but the length just isn't adjustable like the Trim-It II. What are you using or what do you recommend?

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    Mar 18, 2015
    is there a way to hook a drill to yours ,

    i use this , but the 30-06 isnt long enough to bottom out like its intended ,, i just go slow measure , slow measure repeat til perfect ...

    same idea/ but will bottom out (( if unprimed ))
    you will also need this

    if you can find another pilot type like this one for a 300h&h it trims to the same length as the 300 rum

    i preffer the lyman brand of this trim method , because the drill goes on the pilot side , and you hold the shell holder and brass (( easy with 2 hands ))

    on the lee the case holder/rim clamp has an attachment that goes in the drill side ( sharp and rotating ) and you hold the pilot side with your hand ,, its awkward too ,you end up setting something down to get the brass out of the shell older (( takes three hands ))
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