best bullet in 6mm for prairiedogs

Like dogz said, anything you can find is a good start. I’ve always liked 70gr ballistic tips for my prairie dog safaris. 243 wouldn’t be my main choice though for most shooting. Maybe use the 243 for intermission to let the lighter cal. rifles cool down.
A few weeks ago I destroyed quite a few with a 243 and the 58 v-max. There was some pretty spectacular carnage.
But what's your goal? Shooting them from as far as possible, or the best explosions? Because those are probably going to be two different bullets.
The Nosler 70 gr BT always richocheted when I tried them on PDs
Wow, you guys really like them dead dont you? lol
I personally prefer a 223 with 50/55 gr for shots out to about 300 yards, and the 22x250ai with 69 gr from there out to about 600.
My 6x284 with 105s dosent get much use as a rule.
In my 6 creed and my 243ai I have used the 75 and the 87 grain v max. I shoot long distances on these dogs and would say the 87 grainer gets my nod.
Hi guys im planning a trip to south dakota this spring and was curious on whats your favorite bullet in 6mm for prairie dogs.
my barrel is a 1-8 twist 26 inchs. one rifle is a 6 creed and other is 243 ackley .
70 grain nosler ballistic tips are out of the question as their out of stock and have been for some time. i prefer a bullet that i can buy alot of or in 500 count boxs or even bergers 1000 count
whatever shoots BEST in your rifles

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