Best bipod position from the bench


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Oct 4, 2021
Lubbock, Texas
I have an atlas PSR Tall bipod. It’s a little to tall at 100 with the legs at 90 straight up and down. Is angled back or forwards better for any reason?
I will say forwards but I recommend trying both ways and seeing which feels more stable to you. Definitely different strokes for different folks and what might work for me might not work for you in the same way. Hope you get her all figured out.
I would say forward as it will make your two anchor points (rests) further apart and should be a more stable platform.
Also watch and see if it shoots differently, I’ve seen heavy recoiling rifles have the muzzle flex down when fired with bipod legs at an angle like this. Please post what rifle and cartridge/load you are shooting plus results results. Also if you don’t mind, if it has a brake and what brake it is (especially if top ported).
Agree with Bravo 4. Additionally, with bibod legs to the rear, they would tend to "dig" during recoil and have the potential to cause a far more inconsistent recoil path.

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