Best big boar atv


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Jan 24, 2012
My job requires me to spend considerable time on an atv. Going way back to the Honda ATC's to present day I've put Polaris , Honda , Suzuki and Yamaha and Can Am thru the shredder. Hands down Can Am outlander gets my vote. This is over a 30 plus year period


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Sep 19, 2012
Spring Lake Michigan
You can't beat the Can Am Outlander 800/1000. I have ridden most brands. No contest.

As far as mounting your firearm, I sling mine over my back, so no help here. The market place is FULL of choices.


Yes yes you can. This is one thing I am an expert on. I have races for several factories and privateer teams. I've been destroying anything with four wheels my entire life. After 2005 06 I was a mechanic for several pro racers on the terra cross ATV races (4x4).

If you want the fastest best riding hands down Polaris, followed by can am the can being faster. Only problem is anything can am cost quite a bit more for parts and yes they break.
If you want something that will just run and run with very little maintanance hands down its Honda and Yamaha in that order. Now I hate Honda for different reasons but the 4x4 s they put out are hands down the best. Hopefully this helps. I have rode everything ever made and still get some perks like being able to destroy things. I tested things in the 12 hours of America and the ones that always finished were Honda.
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