Bergers on deer?????


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Dec 20, 2008
Idaho Falls, Idaho
That's great velocity! I can see why you're having problems with them "exploding" on deer. Like mentioned in the previous posts Bergers were never meant to be pushed that fast. I once spoke to Eric Stecker about this when I helped test the VLDs for Berger and he said that there was legitmate concern of bullet failure when pushed at such high velocitys. Kirby Allen also told me that is one of the reasons why he can't use them in his cartridges as they vaporize them quite easily and why he uses Noslers and other similar built bullets.

I'll consider picking up some more IMR 7828 for lighter loads as that would be alot of fun as well.

My barrel is 27 1/2" plus a Vias Muzzle brake. I should be able to get really close to your velocitys.

Mine is built off of a Remington 700 BDL Early 1960's action. It'll be getting a H-S precision M24 Adjustable stock for it (if I can scrape enough money together this year), if not, a Bell and Carlson tactical medalist stock for it. I's gotta have a new stock....

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