Berger whitetails

johnny k.

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Mar 31, 2004
pink hill, N.C.
I am asking this for a friend. He wants to know has anyone used a 95gr Berger VLD for whitetails. He is shooting a 6mmBR/28" Lilja SS barrel and getting 3030fps. Does Berger make a bullet that is sufficient for 120lb deer? Johnny K.


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Apr 29, 2004
JohnnyK ,
I've used the 95 Berger VLD on kangaroos (which can weigh well over 120lbs). They're pretty soft and sometimes don't exit on close in shots from my .243 Ackley at 3270 fps.
My guess is you'll be ok for side on chest shots but leave the Texas heart shots out . I' haven't been able to get the accuracy I'm looking for so am going to try the 87gn V Max and 90 gn Berger BT.

brian b

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Aug 15, 2004
johnny k.,
I have used the berger 95 vld and the 105 vld out of my 6mm-284, if I push them too fast they blow up in flight and never reach the target. they use a j-4 jacket that is great for varmint's and paper target's but should not be considered on a big game animal.way too fragile

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