Berger vs Berger


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Oct 20, 2008
Bryan, Tx
If we consider the 180g VLD in .284 as an example...what are the finer differences in the Berger match target and Berger match Target bullets. Externally, they appear very similar in shape length etc as indicated by the same BC. I am guessing the jacket may be thinner for the hunting bullet? Anything else? Are the target bullets a more uniform lot from base to ogive?

Aside from jacket thickness they are exactly the same. The line of Target bullets were intorduced to eliminate bullet blow-up (in flight) issues sometimes associated with the longer strings of fire common to competitive shooting. You're correct that the hunting bullets are more thinly jacketed, and are in fact the original Berger design. Now, they're listed as "Hunting" style, and give the same explosive performance on game that Berger users have come to expect. As for the QC specs, they're held to precisely the same tolerances for both Hunting and Target styles, no difference there.

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Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
While it's not the same caliber I've shot both out of my 6-284 (115gr VLD). Could not tell a differance in speed, POI, nothing. Used same drop chart and everything.

I did not have any mid air blowups in either jackets.
I'm not pushin them real hard 3100 fps out of a 8 twist broughton.
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