Berger VLD Bullet Numbers


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Feb 3, 2007
Townsend, Montana.
Anyone know if there is a way or a chart somewhere to cross the old part numbers to the new? I have some 190's with an old number of 30014 and need to know the new number for this bullet.

Thanks for any help.

30514 is the PN for the .30 cal 190 grain Hunting VLD.

All the PN's are on our website.

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30514 is the PN for the .30 cal 190 grain Hunting VLD.

All the PN's are on our website.

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Bryan, I have looked and I must be blind. I can't find the old numbers. I have also traded e-mails with Tom on this. Let me ask this in another way.

I have in my hand a yellow box of 100 Berger Bullets. This is what is on the box. " VLD 30 CAL 190 GRAIN MATCH GRADE " Lot# 0000129 and PN: 30014

Which are these? I think they are the same as the new #30514, am I correct?

Thank You!!


You're right, the old bullets you have in the yellow box are the same as the new bullets in the orange box.

Before we split into Hunting and Target (standard and thick jackets) all the bullets were standard jackets and went in yellow boxes. Since we added the thick bullets to the line, the thick (Target bullets) are now in yellow boxes and they specifically say 'Target bullets, not recommended for hunting'. The standard jacket (Hunting) bullets now go in orange boxes and are labeled as 'Hunting'.

Clear as mud, right?:)

Well, I think so, lol so to answer the answer to the question I have been looking for for a week is.

The old part number of 30014 is now 30514 an is the same bullet.


Thanks so much for your help. I guess I have been stocking too many of your bullets for too long.

Next time you do a part number change I am just going to clean out my cabinet and toss all the old numbers and start over.:D


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