Berger VLD 300 RUM Loads?


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Oct 23, 2009
I was wondering what some of your guy's favorite loads are for the 300rum with the bergers. Group size, velocity etc...
Also any suggestions on what grain to use... I mainly hunt mule deer and elk.
If you are going to shoot a Berger out of a 300 RUM, I would suggest the 210. I am loading 95 gr of Retumbo behind the 210's and getting about 3200 fps. That is a "warm" load but not significantly stetching primer pockets. I would recommend starting at about 88 gr and working up. 93 gr is a typical max for the 300 RUM.

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I have been loading 98.5 of Retumbo behind 190vlds. Out of my 28 inch Krieger they chronograph around 3450. My best 3 shot group is just over 2 inches at 500 yards. I have noticed higher than desired SD's with retumbo though. I have been in load development with the 210's, but have not been able test yet, so no data to share.
I am about to start reloading some for the 300RUM.....I have 190 VLDs and RL25 I am starting with.
I will let you know how it works up.
My 30" Shilen barrel loves the 210 ahead of 89g of RE25. Not sure of velocity but I've put together a few clover leafs @ 300yds and 1.5" @ 300 is common if I do my part. I'll have to look at my book to be sure but I think I'm running them with .01 jump.
I'm currently running 101.1gr of Hodgdon US869 under the 210 VLD and have groups running around 1.5" @ 300 yds. Velocity is right at 3,200 ft.sec from my 27" Broughton barrel. Pressure appears to be lower than any other powder I've tried.
190 VLD over 87 grains RL-22 fed 215m very accurite load in many rifles

start low and work up
My 28" Hart with a 1 in 10 twist shoots 210 VLD with 99.5 of H50BMG at 2950fps under 1/2 inch at 100 yards.
E-Tips are monometals like TSX's, but they are a guilde metal, not pure copper. That makes them a little tougher. They also seem to expand a little wider than TSX's and they have a lot better BC than TSX/TTSX's. Last, I've read quite a few reports in the last tyear of TSX/TTSX's failing to expand. I haven't read that about the E-Tips, but they haven't been out long.

I recovered one from target practice the other day after penetrating 3/4 plywood them slamming into the dirt. It looks very impressive. It opend up to .665 x .588 and has a very flat, blunt frontal area which would cause a lot of tissue damage.
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190 Berger VLD
Fed 215 m primer
.010" from rifling
95 grains of Retumbo
3220 fps

200 yard group
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