Berger bullet for 300 RUM


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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
I bought a Remington Sendero 300 RUM, its still at the gunsmiths getting some work done to it. I have been looking over different loads, bullets and so forth.
I really like what I am hearing about the berger bullets, but the lack of load data for them has me scratching my head.
I am torn between the 175gr & 185gr bullets. Will mostly be hunting mule deer and some elk and maybe an atelope here in Idaho.
I have also noticed that all the components for reloading the 300 RUM seem hard to come by, brass, primers and bullets, the only thing I have no problem finding is powder. So does anyone out there have any advice for me so I can start working up a load, am suppose to get my gun back next week.

I would stick with the 210's for the RUM. I have the same rifle as you, but mine shoots so good I dont think it needs any work. Im affraid to mess with it.

Go to: and email them. They will send you load data for the bullets you are wanting to use.
I would have thought the 210gr were too heavy for mule deer, but then I am actually new to this mule deer hunting, I use to hunt the small blacktail deer on the Oregon coast.
I take it you use the 210gr berger's?
I did email berger last week and have yet to hear back from them.
What kinda velocity do you get with the 210gr and I take it you must reload.
I'm going to use the 210 for everything. They kill like the hammer of thor from what I've seen.

I havent finished load development, but Im shooting for 3000-3050fps.
i've had the BEST LUCK with Berger 168 VLD, 96.0 gr. of H-1000 and fed. 215's. killed a bull at 511 yds this fall one shot, the perform well on Antelope and Deer as well, one shot kills ore the norm. i had to play with OAL, but ended up seating to max lgth to feed thru mag. reliably, shoot just as good as as "in the lands" for me. The 165 SST was ok also for accuracy, but litteraly "blew up" on antelope and deer. With the 165/168 gr. bullets, the RUM really performs on long range targets, i'm shooting in the 3375 fps range.
Wow to get that speed out of a 210gr bullet, am sure the energy ft-lbs would be awesome and yes it would hit like a sleg hammer. I sent another email to berger, maybe I sent it to the wrong person last time. Next week I will get my gun back from the gunsmith and then have the scope mounted. I got a sightron 6-24x50 with a 30mm tube scope. I have a sightron scope on my wifes 300 SAUM, its a 4-16x42 and that thing is deadly out to 400 yards with 150gr accubonds.
I just loaded up some 210's for mine ill let you know how they shoot. Retumbo cci primers loaded to mag length. Also in my experience you can never have too much knock down power with those big mulies. Good Luck!
Seems like your one of the few people that talk about using CCI primers, seems like most people use federal primers. Right now it seems that federal primers are harder to find then a good job. But then 300 RUM brass, bullets and primers are all tough to find right now.
I use the 200gr accubond, 95gr of Retumbo, with cci mag primer. I get 3240fps out of a slightly longer barrel (27"), plenty of pop for anything I will ever hunt, and I get very good groups at 500 plus. The wind drift is good for a traditional hunting bullet, although the 210berger or 208 Amax may drift a tad less.

I just tried a few 190gr bergers, accuracy was very good, they shot very similar drops to the 200gr accubonds.
I use the 208 A-max with 96 grns of retumbo lit by a CCI 250 mag primer. they run 3150 out of my sendero 300RUM. Black Sheep in Cour de alane has brass and primers. Jeff
I figure I have 5,000 federal 215 primers and 900 CCI large rifle magnum primers.
My father inlaw who has reloaded for ever is not a fan of compressed loads. I have not been reloading long enough to know if there is truely a benifet to them???
So I have been looking at H1000, Ramshot Magnum, So between experimenting with different powder loads "brands" and bullet seating depths. I can't wait for berger to come out with the reloading book. Hope they list pressures and most accurate load. So as soon as I get my reloading room set up then I can start putting together some loads to try out and of course will post the results.
Please forgive me in advance ...........but...........

Why would anyone stuff a pecker wood bullet in a 338 RUM? Ya may as well go back to the '06 and shoot something with at least a somewhat respectable bc.

Or maybe you're not considering Long Range game taking? Or you're skeerd of the recoil. Shooting a 338 RUM with a 200 gr bullet or less just doesn't seem manly.:)

Stick a 300 SMK in front of some Retumbo and go after it.

The above is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I really don't understand and advantabae of a light bullet in a big bore cartridge. Any counsel would be appreciated.
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