Berger and barrel twist


Mar 12, 2009

Been on the site awhile reading all the Berger info and thinking about making the switch in my .300WSM. My question is I see they give a recommended barrel twist of 1-13 for the 168 and 175's;I have a Christensen Carbon One with a 1-10 twist barrel, am I going to have and issue?? Currently my rifle shoots fantastic with 165gr. accubonds over IMR4350 and to date have yet to recover one from an animal..

Thank you for any advice..
I don't think its THE recommended twist for that bullet.its the least twist that it takes to shoot that bullet.and if you think of the twist of a barrel like that then I wouldn't be able to shoot 52gn bullets or even 77gn bullets out of my 223 with a 1:9 twist.most of the time a faster twist will shoot the lighter bullets along with the heavies.thats why most go with a faster twist so they can have a more versatile rifel.
Berger is an advocate of spinning a bullet as little as possible and still have proper stabilization. This will lead to the most accuracy potential. Can you run 150's in a 10x? Yes. Is it the best possible combo? No. That is not to say that it wont work well. 10x's in 30 cals are best used with 220-240's and several all copper bullets but will work with any other bullet weight.
The faster you spin a bullet the more stress you place on the jacket and there comes an RPM that will cause the bullet to disintegrate. There is a line of reasoning that suggests that highly spun bullets with really badly stressed jackets will expand very easily and rapidly upon impacting game. This may be beneficial or it may be detrimental to a hunting experience. There have been a number of thread recently on impacting game with high speed thin jacketed, low SD bullets. Bergers have a thin jacket while the accubonds have a thick jacket made of a different alloy.
In short yes it will work and you will most likely love them:D but to get the best accuracy play with the seating depth. Start in the lands and go back.
Thank you for all the input..I'm going to try the 165's in the next couple weeks.The problem I've had in the past is my chamber will allow bullets out a bit further than my magazine..I'm going to give them a try though. gun)
I have a winchester model 70 coyote with a factory 1:10 barrel and I am thinking about switching from accubonds which shot close to 1/2 moa to berger 168's which have shot two incredible groups the first was .09 of an inch at 100 yds, the second was around .20 my gun likes them a thousandth off the lands but luckily I have a long magwell. I hope you have as much luck with them as I have
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