Berger 156's in 6.5 x 284 norma


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Nov 12, 2011
Is there anyone playing with this yet? And if so what are you finding that is working best for you. I am not seeing a lot of data out in the wild yet. I have a savage 116 with 26 in barrel.

There is data for 153gr on Hornady's website... that will get you close idea where to start.
Thank all this will give me a starting point. I would love to try some RL-26 but I am beginning to think it is just a dream. Kinda like 4350 use to be.
I know Greyfox did a lot of testing with this bullet and got great results with RL26. If I remember of the top of my head, it was around 54 gr and getting right around 3000 fps. PM him and he'll share his load with you
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