Bergara HMR and Premier Warranty


Jul 20, 2021
10052 Clyde Circle
I only demanded a rifle that worked. I bought the gun, rounds wouldn't extract, I sent the gun to Bergara, they told me everything is fine, I received the gun back, still will not extract rounds, I talk to Bergara, said they can't fix it, they offer to refund my money. Literally happened just like that.

And FWIW, they have great customer service purely based on the fact they are willing to give me my money back.
Curious what caliber your rifle was? I had a similar experience with a different manufacturer on a 300 PRC. Sent it back and they polished the chamber. Still wouldn’t eject. Then a new rifle. Same issue. Finally a refund. Always said it worked for them and never had the issue before (right!). A buddy bought a 300 PRC from a different manufacturer. Same thing. Both are semi custom manufacturers and cost well over $2K for the rifles.

I now have a Bergara Highlander in 300 PRC that is in for a warranty claim. Have not even shot it but after cleaning and inspecting the bore did not look good. Lots (50-100) inclusions, even at the crown. Also some odd And uneven rifling. Hopefully bergara can figure that out. Personally I think the barrel needs to be replaced. Still going to hold my breath on the first shot and hope it ejects.

I know Hornady’s SAMMI specs are already tight by design. Wonder if some manufacturers are used to tightening typical specs up to take out slop. Might be a mistake with the PRC’s?

Rifle was sent in over a month ago and still has not been looked at.

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