belt shell case source for 300 RUM (300 Tejas)


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Sep 24, 2012
I need help locating a source for ammo pouches for my 300 Tejas, a custom rifle off the 300 RUM case fire formed butwith a straight wall case and slightly more powder capacity etc. The issue is I cannot locate a good case to hold reloads, or a leather or nylon 20 round belt cases for hunting. My loads are slightly longer than the factory 300 RUM rounds.
Anyone know a source for CERTAIN that would fit? I don't mind if slightly loose but lid need to come down and snap shut and hold, eh.
Thanks and PS: does anyone know for sure if federal makes 300 RUM cases. I have gotten a bunch of nosler and remington case but not yet loaded up to case form in my rifle. Someone told me norma made them also and they lasted longer, any knowledge on that quetion?